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It is time to stop US blank-check funding for Israeli brutality!

For decades Israeli brutality and injustice have gone unchecked by Israel’s major backer, the United States. It is time for this to change!

Despite the fact that we are up against one of the most powerful lobbies in the country, we believe that we have found a way to send a powerful message to those in our government (and future candidates).
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The candidate who finally ends our blank check to Israel


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How does this work?

We are collecting signatures and plan to print physical checks to deliver to candidates and members of Congress. We hope to bring pressure for an end to US aid to Israel by delivering bundles of "checks."

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Why “Blank Check”?

Israel’s special treatment goes far beyond receiving $8 million per day in US tax dollars. Thanks to its powerful lobby, Israel almost always gets what it wants: American weaponry and technology, trade benefits, UN vetoes, and much more. Learn more: The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans

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Against Our Better Judgment is a meticulously sourced book illuminating the history key to understanding one of the most critically important political issues of our day – the conflict in Palestine/Israel.
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We have created this “check” for people to sign promising support for “the candidate who finally ends our blank check to Israel.”

Groups or individuals will then set up meetings with politicians to deliver bundles of “checks.” This will demonstrate both to serving politicians and candidates in future elections that voters wish to end this wasteful, destructive, and immoral use of our tax money.

We are combining this project with strategic billboard and advertising outreach to the general American public, aimed at driving people to our informative website,